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 Title:  Light Shall Shine Out Of Darkness
Chapter: Bang Bang Goes the Broken Glass/Delay
Fandom: Glee
Canon point: AU past Season 4
Word Count: 1288
Parings: Finchel, Quick, Klaine (brief), Brittana, Barole
Warnings: Contains potentially triggering descriptions of PTSD. Language. Scenes of a sexual nature.
Chapter Summary: "It's not the show," Kurt replied, voice sounding strained. "Though I am typically not a fan of the Fox Network, in this moment, they are annoying me far less than the reason of which I am annoyed."


"Blaine," he said, flatly. "He's bein' a dou--," Finn cut himself off, sensing a lecture on his choice of words in his future, "he's making you angry."

Kurt Hummel stirred from his sleep, the sounds of what sounded eerily similar to his brother's voice singing permeating his semi-consciousness. For a moment, he doubted what his keen, classically trained, ear was hearing (after all, Finn refused to sing at all anymore, even at social events such as Karaoke, so Kurt's confusion was understandable), but he quickly decided he was hearing his brother, singing the song from Dumbo, presumably to his and Rachel's unborn daughter. 


Beside him, Blaine let out a groan. "Can't you shut him up?," his boyfriend commanded, in a tone that Kurt found most unpleasant, not to mention uncalled for. "It's the middle of the night."


Blaine made the error of continuing his train of thought. "While you're at it," he said, in a stage whisper, "you better tell them that their stupid war movie woke me up. I have a show tomorrow!"


"It wasn't a war movie," he muttered, hoping poor Finn was distracted enough by his lullabies to avoid hearing this conversation. "You know that, Blaine."


"I think he's looking for attention," Blaine hissed. "I don't know why you won't send him back to Lima!"


Kurt pursed his lips, silently counting to ten, and then to twenty, before he began to dignify Blaine's rude comments with a response. 


"I know you don't like Finn," he said, rather tiredly. "But this is Finn's home, not yours. And if you can't respect him you have to leave."


Blaine simply let out a tired huff, rolling over in bed and shoving a pillow over his head. 


Kurt let out a quiet sigh. Blaine's vendetta against Finn was frankly wearying him. It had been bad enough -- yet understandable -- during high school, but now they were full grown adults! They were nearly done with college, for Gaga's sake. Personally, he thought it was time enough to let bygones be bygones. Especially given Finn's current circumstances. 


Kurt seethed. 


And seethed. 


And fell asleep.


He had been planning an hour of quality seething time, but found that the song in the next room had the desired effect on more than one person. After the second repetition, Kurt Elizabeth Hummel was sound asleep. When he woke up, his irritant of a boyfriend was long gone. He couldn't say he wasn't relieved. 


Wrapping his thickest robe around himself, he slipped on his favorite house slippers and padded out into the common area of the loft, pleased when he spotted his favorite (okay, only) brother sitting on the couch, a mug of coffee in his hand. His bad leg was stretched out on to the coffee table, a piece that Kurt was very grateful was a knockoff. 


"May I join you?," he asked Finn hesitantly, unsure of what response to expect. He didn't want to treat Finn with kid gloves all the time, but sometimes it was needed. He hoped that today was a good day for him. 


"It won't make Blaine angry?," Finn asked, shrugging his shoulders. "I heard him last night," he added, looking impossibly small. "I didn't mean to wake him up."


Kurt's irritation with his longtime boyfriend was quickly turning to anger. In fact, the more awake he got and the longer he stared at Finn it was bypassing anger and going directly to rage. 


He took a calming breath to center himself before simply sitting beside his older brother, who nudged the blanket covering him over.


"Blaine left," he said softly. "And I'm sorry you heard that. I'm sorry he said that. Did the baby like her song?," he asked, hoping to steer the conversation towards something more positive.


Finn nodded eagerly. "Uh-huh, yeah," he told Kurt. "I had to sing it like five times before she calmed down so Rach could sleep," he elaborated. "You heard me?," he added, eyes wide.


"I thought it was sweet," he said, smiling at Finn. "Don't worry, I won't make you sing to anyone else."


"I don't like the attention," Finn replied, after a period of silence. "You know, it's one thing when I sing to the baby, she's my little girl. But on stage...I just can't, not anymore. Not now, anyways."


Kurt noticed that his older brother was tapping his fingers on his leg again, but he said nothing. "It's alright," he said after a moment. "No one is expecting you to. We just want you to get better."


Finn and Kurt had adjusted to silence fairly quickly, the taller man turning the television to Good Day, New York after a few minutes, causing his younger brother to let out a quiet sigh.


"What's the matter?," Finn asked, glancing away from the screen to look at Kurt. "Is it the show? Sometimes shows scare me," he added softly. "It's alright if it scares you. I'll turn it off."


"It's not the show," Kurt replied, voice sounding strained. "Though I am typically not a fan of the Fox Network, in this moment, they are annoying me far less than the reason of which I am annoyed."


"Blaine," he said, flatly. "He's bein' a dou--," Finn cut himself off, sensing a lecture on his choice of words in his future, "he's making you angry."


Kurt sighed, nodding in agreement. "I am displeased with his behavior," he muttered, face turning a dark (and dangerous) shade of red. "It was uncalled for. There was no need--"


"But maybe he's right," Finn sighed, staring at him with saddened eyes. "I mean, he says it all the time, to me, even. So maybe I am a freak."


"You're not a freak," he said, reaching out and touching Finn's arm, moving slightly to then accommodate the larger man curling up beside him. "You almost died, Finn, you could have died, we were so worried," Kurt insisted, hoping to make his brother understand. "It's normal for you to be having nightmares. It's normal for you to be scared. It's normal for you to be nervous in front of crowds. And if a television show is on and it scares you, you need to tell the person watching it that so they can turn it off." 


Satisfied with his mini-lecture, Kurt focused his attention to the television set, cringing at the guest Good Day was interviewing. Green Day was so passe, he thought to himself. And the punk look did not flatter men in their forties. Honestly, he groused. It wasn't like he wasn't available for a fashion consult.


"It was him," Finn said, interrupting Kurt's silent version of What Not To Wear. "Blaine," he clarified, clearly mistaking Kurt's look of horror for a need for further identification. "He wanted to watch 24. I asked him not to, Kurt, I swear --"


"Why didn't you say something sooner?," he asked, petting Finn's hair in a soothing manner. "Finn, I..."


"He's your boyfriend," the small voice said. "I thought you'd be on his side."


"I'm not on anyone's side," he said patiently. "Finn, this isn't something to take sides on. You have a documented medical condition, and if I didn't know better, I would swear Blaine was doing this purposely."


Kurt was going to have a serious discussion indeed with his boyfriend very soon. He didn't know what had gotten into him! 


"I will speak with him," he promised Finn. "Watch your show."


Finn's attention turned to the program, and Kurt breathed a sigh of relief. 


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