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Light Shall Shine Out Of Darkness
a glee fanfiction written by bloodredcherries

Summary: It turned out that Finn Hudson wasn't meant for the military after all, though he would have preferred this discovery coming about before he shot himself in the leg while that bomb went off. But he can't remember the bomb, just the leg, so he doesn't understand why he has come home a war hero. Or why he came home at all.

Finn should have died that day. He nearly did die, Instead, he lived, and was patched up as best they could and sent back to his Bushwick loft, to his pregnant wife, a bum knee, a PTSD diagnosis, and the Cold War of the Hummel-Andersons. (Passive-aggressive, thy name is Blaine). And why is Brittany the most normal of them all?

Finn was supposed to die that day. How is he supposed to deal with the fact that he lived?

This work of fiction was brought to you by a desire to complete all the tables in [personal profile] luxken27 's 2016 Summer Mini Challenge that somehow took on a life of its own. Oops?  

Chapter 1: Baby mine (dully) 
Chapter 2: Bang bang goes the broken glass (delay)
Chapter 3; I missed the grinding concrete where we sat past 8 or 9 (sound)
Chapter 4: lay down your arms, give up the fight (touch)
Chapter 5: raise your glass (Pina Colada)
Chapter 6: the monster's gone, he's on the run (Quietly)
Chapter 7: (and your daddy's here) sight
Chapter 8: where is love (black velvet)
Chapter 9: this time it was bitter (Take)
Chapter 10: through both headlights (Scent)
Chapter 11:  where you once belonged (Give)
Chapter 12: zero to sixty in three point five (Rush)
Chapter 13: (time to break up) Counter
Chapter 14: Blue Lagoon
Chapter 15: Fresh
Chapter 16: Mojito
Chapter 17: Cleanly
Chapter 18: Gently
Chapter 19: Word
Chapter 20: Fluffy
Chapter 21: Damp
Chapter 22: Eagerly
Chapter 23: metallic
Chapter 24: Bubble
Chapter 25: Cajole
Chapter 26: Unsaid
Chapter 27: Boldly
Chapter 28: Emerald green
Chapter 29: Sand
Chapter 30: Sway
Chapter 31: Unbroken
Chapter 32: Awkwardly
Chapter 33: Sapphire blue
Chapter 34: Wave
Chapter 35: Push
Chapter 36: Untouched
Chapter 37: Obviously
Chapter 38: Amethyst purple
Chapter 39: Book
Chapter 40: Hinder
Chapter 41: Untied
Chapter 42: Shyly
Chapter 43: Sunset peach
Chapter 44: Hope
Chapter 45: Tempt
Chapter 46: Saucy
Chapter 47: Fearfully
Chapter 48: Royal blue
Chapter: 49: Moment
Chapter 50: Play
Chapter 51: Decadently
Chapter 52: Incredibly
Chapter 53: Risk
Chapter 54: Eat
Chapter 55: Temporary
Chapter 56: Softly
Chapter 57: Sterling Silver
Chapter 58: Wind
Chapter 59: Shiver
Chapter 60: Quickly
Chapter 61: Sturdy
Chapter 62: Amber
Chapter 63: Fire
Chapter 64: Rebel
Chapter 65: Simply
Chapter 66: Whimsical
Chapter 67: Teal green
Chapter 68: Water
Chapter 69: Swing
Chapter 70: Directly
Chapter 71: Bittersweet
Chapter 72: Royal purple
Chapter 73: Indulge
Chapter 74: Certainly
Chapter 75: Buttery
Chapter 76: Milk chocolate
Chapter 77: Earth
Chapter 78: Skate
Chapter 79: Happily
Chapter 80: Shimmery
Chapter 81: Berry pink
Chapter 82: Boardwalk
Chapter 83: Laugh
Chapter 84: Smooth
Chapter 85: Thoughtfully
Chapter 86: Lemon yellow
Chapter 87: Scream
Chapter 88: Heat
Chapter 89: Sultry
Chapter 90: Playfully
Chapter 91: Tangerine dream
Chapter 92: Umbrella
Chapter 93: Swim
Chapter 94: Sticky
Chapter 95: Carelessly
Chapter 96: holiday
Chapter 97: cry
Chapter 98: frostily
Chapter 99: vacation
Chapter 100: fresh
Chapter 101: wildly
Chapter 102: cherry red
Chapter 103; persona
Chapter 104: avidly
Chapter 105: whisper
Chapter 106: milkshake
Chapter 107: mask
Chapter 108: hopelessly
Chapter 109: tremble
Chapter 110: ice cream
Chapter 111: signature
Chapter 112: recklessly
Chapter 113: vibrate
Chapter 114: fresh fruit
Chapter 115: adventure
Chapter 116: incredulously
Chapter 117: slap
Chapter 118: summer fling
Chapter 119: breezily
Chapter 120: smile
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