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Top Rated Stories (according to AO3 data)

(Glee) Light Shall Shine Out of Darkness with 632 Hits and 7 Subscriptions
(Glee) The Most Awesome Thing on the Planet -- at least according to one Finn Hudson with 117 Hits
(Glee) Finn Vs. Fruit with 72 Hits
(Sweet Valley) Lies with 47 Hits and 1 Subscription

Total Published Words Written by Fandom

Sweet Valley 417
Everybody Loves Raymond 14350
Glee 28611

2016 Published Works

Everybody Loves Raymond

Something of Some Importance: The news that Debra and Raymond were expecting their fourth child should have been a happy occasion, but it was overshadowed by Amy and Robert's fertility troubles and Frank's frightening decline into poor health. Add in Marie and her refusal to believe that Frank is getting worse, not better, and it is a recipe for certain disaster. Things were supposed to get easier for them, not worse. How did the opposite happen? 

Sweet Valley

Lies: Sam Woodruff initially lives through the car accident he and Elizabeth Wakefield get into after junior prom and inadvertently implicates her -- and not Jessica -- as the initial cause. This has disastrous consequences.


Finn Vs. Fruit: Kurt sighed.

The Most Awesome Thing on the Planet -- at least according to one Finn Hudson: "Forgive you for what?" Finn asked, trying to maintain his cool, despite the fact that his girlfriend's line of questioning was reminding him of Quinn and having and losing Drizzle and singing to sonograms and his heart being smashed to pieces thanks to his best friend sleeping with his girlfriend. "'s mine, right?" He asked, becoming momentarily quite interested in his lap.

Light Shall Shine out of Darkness: Turns out Finn isn't meant for the military after all, though he would have preferred to find out by shooting himself in the leg. Finn Hudson should have died that day in the Middle East. Correction, he nearly did die. Instead, he was patched up as much as they could and sent back to the Bushwick loft with a bum knee, a PTSD diagnosis, a pregnant wife, and one passive-aggressive Blaine Anderson. Finn Hudson knows that he should have died. How is he supposed to deal with the fact that he lived?

What did I accomplish fandom-wise during 2016?

During 2016, I broke through my writer's block in a major way. With 43,378 published words in three different fandoms, I feel incredibly accomplished. 2016 led me to find a new fandom to write in with Glee, where a disproportionate amount of people enjoy Kurt bemoaning Finn's eating habits! I also started a story in Sweet Valley High and I continued my Everybody Loves Raymond fanfiction. 

Also in 2016, I completed the entirety of [personal profile] luxken27 's Summer Mini Challenge, a feat which I have attempted to do many times but had yet to succeed in until this past September. 

Considering my poor fandom performance in 2015 and 2014, I am pleased with my 2016 fandom progress.

What do I hope to accomplish fandom-wise during 2017?

During 2017, I hope to continue my current works-in-progress. I am currently mid-update for both Light Shall Shine Out of Darkness and Something of Some Importance (the latter of which is crossposted to both AO3 and FF.NET -- where the ELR fandom is mainly, unfortunately). Lies has been tabled until I can do a desperately needed SVH canon update. (Who knew some poor soul had subscribed to that? Not I.) 

In addition, I have started a new Glee fan-fiction that is currently two chapters in and creatively titled FinchelPregnancyWeeks1and2. When I figure out a title for it it will be posted on AO3. I have also started a prequel to Something of Some Importance that should have its first chapter posted soon. 

I completely forgot about [community profile] fandom_stocking but will be attempting random gift fics throughout the year for those I had hoped to gift them to. I am planning on taking part in the new [community profile] hetswap exchange. I hope that I will be able to complete more squares on my [community profile] babysitters100 table.  I took an amnesty table for [community profile] trope_bingo but let's be real it probably won't get done. 

Canon reviews for both BSC and SV (not the entire canons, unfortunately) shall commence soon. I am also currently canon reviewing Everybody Loves Raymond and Glee. 

Date: 2017-01-15 07:46 pm (UTC)
luxken27: (BSC - Dawn & MA)
From: [personal profile] luxken27
Congratulations on your accomplishments! =) It's always nice to have a new fandom to play in, especially when there are other people to play with, haha.

You not only completed the SMC, you completed all five tables, which is HUGE! ♥ I struggle to get through one of them, I'm always amazed when people churn out 25 prompts worth of fic in 3 months. Well done!


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