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Title: Count the Eggs in Her Fridge
Fandom: Everybody Loves Raymond
Characters: Debra Barone/Ray Barone
Prompt: Beginnings.
Word Count: 781
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Raymond gets everything
Author's Notes: Debra and Ray begin their relationship; based off of Season 3’s finale “How We Met”: contains mentions of teenage sex/alcohol/pot use.
Raymond gets everything. )

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TITLE: Lightly

FANDOM: Everybody Loves Raymond

UNIVERSE: Post Canon


WARNINGS: Mentioned Character Death


SUMMARY: Companion to Undone. Ray broods.


"You're still worried about Ma?," Ray asked Debra in bed that night, stroking her side as he did. "Maybe she's just quiet now."


He heard a heavy sigh in response. "Ray, it's your mother," she murmured, eyes shut, face pressed against her pillow. "She's never quiet. Ever since your father died she just sits there."


"She doesn't even complain about my cooking, you know how much she hates that. I just think that she needs help dealing with your father's death."


Ray didn't say a word, he simply pulled her closer to him, not wanting to let go. 


"Tell me a story," he said in response. "A good one that you would tell the kids so they don't have bad dreams."


"You want a bedtime story?," she asked, peering blearily up at him. "You're having bad dreams?"


"Yeah," he said. "I dream of it. Of not being able to do anything. Of seeing him like that."


"Oh, honey...," she breathed, looking up at him with sad eyes. "You know you did your best, right?"


Ray silently shook his head. She clucked lightly in response.


"I'll tell you one story," she sighed. "One, that's it. And after we'll go to bed."

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TITLE: Undone

FANDOM: Everybody Loves Raymond

UNIVERSE: Post Canon


WARNINGS: Mentioned Character Death


SUMMARY: Marie grieves.


It's a testament to how much Marie's world has been rocked that she leans on Debra. But Frank is dead -- actually really truly dead -- and who else does she have? Lee and Stan moved down to Florida years ago, Amy and Robbie have moved to Pennsylvania -- of all places, and it's certainly not like she can speak to Alda about this, so Debra wins by default. 


They don't really talk much. Marie doesn't talk much at all. Silence is preferable to realizing that she will never hear one of Frank's remarks in response again.


She really did love him. Even though they fought.


And then one morning she woke up and he wasn't there with a sarcastic comment about goop on her face or making him a sandwich. He was laying there, struggling to speak, to breathe. 


She doesn't remember much of that day. She supposes she's blocked it out. 


She wishes she could find comfort in the fact that he went relatively quickly, but she can't. There is no comfort.


There's just coffee and lemon chicken and silence.

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FANDOM: Everybody Loves Raymond

UNIVERSE: Early Canon




SUMMARY: Yet again, Ray curses his father.


"Daddy, come on," Ally insisted, pulling on Ray's hand. "I wanna go to the Happy Zone."


Ray bit back a sigh. Why hadn't his stupid father gotten his license renewed? Why was this now his job? 


"Daddy has to write his column," he said gently, not anticipating the widening eyes and the sudden, suspicious, presence of tears. "Aw, come on, Ally. Don't start that."


"But I wanna go!," she screeched, causing everyone congregated in the living room watching the game to turn and stare at them. "We always go. It's not fair!"


"Come on, Ray," his lovely wife -- of course it was his lovely wife -- said. "It's just a few hours."


Ray sighed. Heavily. He knew when he was defeated. 


"Just a few hours?," he asked. "Just a few hours of painful fun zone?"

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TITLE: Ruby Red

FANDOM: Everybody Loves Raymond

UNIVERSE: Pre-series


WARNINGS: Mentions exotic dancing


SUMMARY: Robert meets his first wife.


Robert really wasn't sure what he was doing here. Strip joints weren't his thing. Bachelor parties weren't his thing. Spending his night carousing wasn't his thing. But Raymond was getting married to perfect wonderful Debra and their mother had insisted that Robert join the pre-wedding celebrations.


It hadn't been worth more than a token protest. What Raymond wanted, he got, and what Ma wanted, she got, and no one ever had any consideration for Robbie's feelings, so he just dealed. 


The exotic dancer was certainly an attractive woman, he noted, with long red hair, almost the color of rubies. It was a shame that she was giving Raymond more attention that he certainly did not need.


And so, Robert stewed, nursing his adult beverage. He really should have taken that extra shift at work, he thought, sighing at Gianni and Kevin's rather juvenile behavior.


Why hadn't he taken that extra shift at work? Ah, yes, Judy. She had thought he was working too hard, needed to take a break. Busting up perps was more enjoyable than this. 


That was when -- in the middle of plotting his escape -- the exotic dancer caught his eye and winked at him. Women didn't wink at Robert. They could maybe laugh at his jokes or consider him a friend, but to call him unlucky in love was an understatement. 


And there he was, being winked at by a woman named Cinnamon. He didn't know whether to laugh or cry. 


He suspected this development would annoy Raymond though, and decided that alone would make it worthy of pursuit.


Cinnamon. Cinnamon the exotic dancer with the ruby red hair.


Fic Roundup

Jan. 3rd, 2014 11:37 am
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Completed Fic
Baby-Sitters Club

TITLE/PROMPT: Lonely/Writer's Choice: Commitment
AUTHOR: mkrobinson
RATING: PG-13 I guess, it could probably pass for PG
WORDS: 1702
SUMMARY: “I knew you would,” she said, and she dared to kiss him on the cheek. It was a friendly kiss, nothing more. A kiss on the cheek for a friend. She made a mental note to ignore the sparks that she’d felt, to ignore that Richard had blushed, to ignore the fact that she wanted him. 
WARNINGS: It's an affair fic.
NOTES: Look, it's BSC fic from me, once more. This is a response to a prompt on modern_living and also fills the prompt "bittersweet" on the Summer Challenge.

TITLE/PROMPT: 1977. Boston, Massachusetts/Explore
AUTHOR: mkrobinson
WORDS: 2912
SUMMARY: John kisses her while she's in mid rant, and Diana realizes that she likes it. Even though she can taste the stale beer and cigarettes on his breath, and even though she really doesn't think it's a good idea to be kissing a boy in her current state, and even though it's horribly impulsive --

Diana kisses him back.

She's never kissed a boy before, and John is really really cute.. 

WARNINGS: Underage drinking

Sweet Valley
TITLE Frankie's Bar
FANDOM: Sweet Valley
UNIVERSE: Immediately Post Elizabeth Series. As in that week.
GENRE: Romance, Drama
SUMMARY: "Coming back was harder," you admit to him. "Everything has changed."
NOTES: GiftFic for Luxken27


TITLE: Of the Boston Chambers
FANDOM: Frasier/Cheers
UNIVERSE: Season Three of Cheers
GENRE: Drama

SUMMARY: The Seattle Cranes had gotten the wedding invitation four weeks previously, and for four solid weeks they had been trying vainly to process its contents, hoping that Frasier would call them up and tell them that it was a farce, that he wasn’t really marrying Diane Chambers [of the Boston Chambers, the invitation had taken care to note]. For once, both Niles and his father were in agreement about something, and that impossibility was too good to pass up.
NOTES: Yuletide gift for NomadicWriter


Everybody Loves Raymond

TITLE: Something of Some Importance
FANDOM: Everybody Loves Raymond
UNIVERSE: Post Season Finale
GENRE: Drama, Romance

SUMMARY: "Ray," I said, a bit harsher than I'd intended. "Your father isn't dead! He simply fainted at the lodge, and they must have taken him to the hospital as a precaution." Still, I had to admit that I was worried about Frank. He had been looking awfully pale and unwell lately. But I knew that that really wasn't what Ray needed to hear. He needed me to be the optimistic one. He was the pessimist. "And your mother is fine, Ray," I added. "She was over the house all morning vacuuming."

Post Series Finale.

The news that Debra and Ray were expecting their fourth child should have been a happy occasion, but it was overshadowed by Amy and Robert's fertility troubles and Frank's frightening decline into poor health. Add in Marie and her refusal to believe that Frank is getting worse, not better, and it's a recipe for certain disaster.

Things were supposed to get easier for them, not worse. How did the opposite happen?

WARNINGS: Language, future sex scenes, ?
NOTES: Chapter 2 of ???


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